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Started by Admin 2018-04-05 at 12:09
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We run a community support forum here at Cash n Hitz, this means that if you have a question, ask it on the forum and our more experienced members will answer it for you, sometimes quicker than our support team could. So we will not be running a standard support ticket system our support will be run on the forum.

Here are some Forum rules:
Respect everyone at all times, every question is as important as the last.
One word, or emoji replies will be deleted. 3 of these and you will be banned from the forum.
Cut and paste replies from the forum or other forums will also be deleted and the posters will be banned.
Any spamming will be removed and the member will be suspended and ISP blacklisted from the forums and website!

If everyone follows these rules it will make our site more enjoyable for everyone.
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