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Cash n Hitz Presents our Artificial Intelligence!

Started by Admin 2018-04-05 at 12:31
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We are very proud to present our New Paid to Promote system with built in Artificial Intelligence called:
G.A.A.I.N - V3.3.2 (Global Advertising Artificial Intelligence Network)
The way this works is a secret, programmed by me. Completely unique and has been extensively tested. Gasin will be able to rate and sort the visits you send us in less than 1 nanosecond meaning your visitors will have no delay in visiting your ptp link and you getting credited for the visit.

All visits from FAKE/Proxy I.Ps will be rejected, only residential real visits will be counted.
Any visit that doesnt last longer than 3 seconds will also not be counted.
Any visitor on your ptp link that doesnt view the page in full will also not be counted, e.g if the visitor is viewing another tab or window while viewing your ptp link it will not be counted. No-one is looking at the page. This also includes websites that place links in iframes to maximise the viewing potential will also not be counted.
Only visitors that are actually looking at the page you are promoting will be counted. Once you get a visit counted it will reward you in the following way...

The first visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.00025 (25 cents per thousand visits)
The second visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.0000125 (12.5 cents per thousand visits)
The third visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.00006 (6 cents per thousand visits)
The fourth visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.00003 (3 cents per thousand visits)
The fifth visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.00001 (1 cents per thousand visits)
Any other visit after the fifth visit to our website from that visitor will award you $0.00001 (1 cents per thousand visits) for an unlimited* amount of visits! This means one visitor is worth at least $0.000535 for just 10 visits!

To ensure our systems work optimally once we officially launch we will be limiting the amount of visits each member can send us per day, this will be increased gradually throughout the first month until we hope to lift the limit completely. This wont affect many of our members as the limits are still rather high.
Week 1: limited to 5,000 Visits per member per day.
Week 2: limited to 10,000 Visits per member per day.
Week 3: limited to 25,000 Visits per member per day.
Week 4: limited to 100,000 Visits per member per day.
From week 5 the limit should be lifted completely.
The reason for the initial limit is that as our system learns it will inflict different loads on our servers the first few weeks will be full load as the system starts learning, but over time the load will become less and less as out A.I learns the good and bad traffic it can sort it quicker and give a seamless experience for the user and advertiser.

*Subject to our fair use policy

GAAIN 3.3.4 Update - Integrated BTC Blockchain transaction signing, broadcasting and API into our Artificial intelligence (allowing us to interact with the blockchain direct from our websites)

GAAIN 3.3.3 Update - Added a Chain sequence to our A.I Block data process allowing us to analyse data quicker and easier, this also allows us more flexibility with the Technology.

GAAIN 3.3.2 Update - Improved statistics, Fixed an earnings bug and Base setup for out traffic analysis centre paid service

GAAIN 3.3.1 Update - Added iframe and small screen size detection, now visits less than 800px*500px wont be counted!

GAAIN 3.2.5 Update - Bugfixes, Extra Statistics, Member and Site Traffic Score added.

GAAIN 3.2.4 Update - The finishing touches to the system, load testing and Beta Testing has begun. Ready for a full launch within 14 days.

GAAIN 3.2.3 Update - We now have added User interface, Logs and a traffic scoring system completely open to the publisher. use this new system to see who and from where your visits are making you money or costing you money.

GAAIN 3.2.2 Update - We can now facilitate an override to stop any visit in their tracks if anything flags up a breach of our system and block the visit before an advertisers website is loaded.

GAAIN 3.2.1 Update - We can now block any referral source and detect any referral link cloaking. This means there is no escape, where the traffic is coming from IS where it is coming from. If you try to spoof it, we will see.

GAAIN 3.1.4 Update - We added referral link tracking and GEO I.P tracking to our entire system, passing the values between sites allows us to understand clearly who is a real person and who is a bot/autoclicker.

GAAIN 3.1.3 Update - We added internal tracking to allow us to track where a user/visitor has been and allows us to track their progress between sites.

GAAIN 3.1.2 Update - consisted of nuts and bolts. (Tweaks and optimisation)

GAAIN 3.1.1 Update - Our A.I now speaks to other websites and gathers information provided.

GAAIN V2 Updates - Added PTP system, Rewards, and base security.

GAAIN V1 - Setup a base mesh for our mainframe and integrated all of the Evolution Script features, Core and Script onto the base.

*subject to our fair use policy.
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