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Can i exchange ads with you?

Started by Admin 2018-04-05 at 12:33
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Hello as a website owner i wanted to know if i can exchange ads with you?
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Hello Admin, yes i am please to say you can exchange ads with us and it is completely self service.

Input website you are sending from: e.g (
receive generated url to send to (your personal exchange url)
send traffic and receive 1:1 or better rate for sending us your traffic.
we will monitor the websites sending us traffic and can allow or disallow you access depending on your website traffic quality. Due to the system check and quality control we use we cannot accept exchange traffic from Rotators, PTP websites, Autosurf websites or link shortening websites. This also means good quality websites including Ad netoworks, Manual Traffic exchanges and PTC sites with over 10,000 active members will get additional bonuses when sending us traffic.

I hope this helps you setup a traffic exchange with us.

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