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Started by daicadidem1994 2018-06-08 at 19:34
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cashnhitz has returned
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Hello, welcome to Cash n Hitz - we are not affiliated or related to the old cash n hits

But we did like the website and believed that it shouldn't have gone. So we aim to bring back and improve many of their old earning opportunities. We have started with our Paid to Promote System that protects us from spam and protects your ads from bots.
We are adding offerwalls, games, videos, bounties and bonuses.
We may be adding Paid to services, depending on the recent decisions being made on payment processors, We may not be adding paypal as we cannot agree on a mutual fee structure, the rate they are offering is way too high. In PayPal's absence we will be adding a credit/debit card processor (no details kept on site) like paypal it ill take you to their website to complete the transaction, you can use paypal debit/credit cards to use paypal funds to deposit. This being said we are looking to add Paypal as a withdrawal option for those who do like their services.

I hope you enjoy your time here.
- Admin

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