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PTP is being paused - *Fixed*

Started by Admin 2018-06-15 at 17:16
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Until we can find a solution to a fairly serious security flaw we are pausing the PTP system. It will be done from Saturday through to sunday as we dismantle all the parts giving you time to remove or change ant ads you may have running.

The expected outage is estimated at 18 Days due to the intense workload for our developers right now. We will still have the offerwalls and PTC walls for earning, we will still develop all our other features we were planning to add. Once the PTP is completely fixed we will reopen the PTP and resume normal play.

I hope you understand,
We have also lowered the minimum payout to $1 so everyone can get their account balance
*Update - 26/06 The PTP system is now fixed and back up and running.
The PTP has been fixed, we will be improving it seemed the caching system was 'confusing' the brain.
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