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Summer 2018!

Started by Admin 2018-07-15 at 16:59
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Here is a rundown of all the exciting changes happening this summer...

Paypal has been added for Ad purchases and publisher payouts. There may be a slight delay between making the payment and the deposit being added, this is our system verifying the information given. If it isnt added within 5 minutes it is set for manual authorisation. This keeps everyone safe. But as long as your details are correct and true everythng will be fine.

Using coinpayments, we get lots of tickets asking why their bitcoin deposit hasnt been added after 5 minutes or so.. Anyone who knows about blockchain will know this answer. Bitcoin needs confirmations, after 2 we release the funds, confirmation time per block on the bitcoin blockchain is around 10 - 30 minuts. so it could take 30 minuts or longer. Where as if you used the same processor to deposit using litecoin (15 seconds) or ripple (instant) or even bitcoin cash (1 - 3 minutes) we accept all cryptocurrencies and many ICO tokens (Remember to include GAS) if you cannot see the option just ask :)

We wont be adding credt/Debit card processing for the forseeable future to Cash n Hitz so we have less restrictions with what features we can add.

New features, we have been thinking about many new earning options and need your input for more ideas. Our shortlist so far is:
Surf N Earn.
Play games and Earn
Provably fair games
Cash Faucet/Daily bonus

if you have anymore ideas feel free to discuss below

- Admin
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why I can't withdraw in payer ?
only coinpayments appear

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