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PTP Hints and Tips

Started by Admin 2018-05-11 at 12:21
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Here are some small hints on how to make more money using our PTP

If you find your visit numbers are high for credited views you can email your members and ask them to click at reset time (00:00 GMT) to be the first, if you are advertising on other sites keep trying until you find the site many go to first!
You can also simply change the sites you are advertising on and find others that may offer better value.
If you are using a website and it goes scam, make as many ads as you can with the unusable money on the account. The more visits you can get the more cash you will make!
If you find your visits are of poor quality, try to use sites with more security features, that protect against proxy and bad bot visitors. This way you will get a better approved:Rejected views and will make more money per visit.
There are many ways to increase your earnings, why not try advertising on a well known forum or using a banner in a very prominent place? These may work out better than purchased visits.
You can try many things to improve the quality, if you have any ideas add them below! (without Advertising)
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You could integrate a postback system to use with as they use iframe both in PTC and all other functions, and no way to credit user if they show this PTP !!!

this is not the right way to write a script as all other use postback system or allow iframe in fullscreen so it can credit users or else it would be a scam, how many do you think will look at ads if they do not get paid !!!

and when i question in support you delete this questions how serious are that? when you want users advertise and show your ads

you should not treat people like this if you want them to trust you with money
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