Frequently Asked Questions
What is Cash n Hitz?

Cash n Hitz is a Traffic generation website that uses internal Artificial intelligence to ensure only the best quality traffic is selected from our partners and sent to our advertisers. You can purchase visits to your website or sell us visits from your websites.

How is your Traffic better than other sites?

To ensure we only send the highest quality traffic unlike other websites, we have developed an internal 'brain' that runs using our own brand of Artificial Intelligence Ensuring the visit is from a real human, at a computer with eyes on your website. We do this by using a 3 step system analysing the visitors identity, browsing history and screen size, with this, alongside our rigirous fraud detection software, multiple tier funnel system and our staffs watchful eyes we can ensure our traffic quality is the best by far.

I guess then your prices are really high?

We are part of Global Advertising Service Ltd and we pride ourselves in being one of the best priced advertising services on the internet. So 1,000 Full page visits from our system of avid viewers from links, forums and popunders will cost less than $1 per 1,000 or you can get a whole day of unlimited advertising from $5 or less per day. We also offer quick visits These are visitors that pass our quality tests but didnt spend more than 5 seconds on the page you can get these in our Fast Rotator for less than $3 per day! So even tho the visits are of the highest quality we still give you the lowest prices we can.

How will i get paid for sending traffic?

We will pay weekly on a NET 7 basis. This means tht at the end of every week we look at the requests from 7 days ago to check for fraud, cheating and other unscrupulous activities. If you use our site with a real I.P and have only 1 account and follow our Terms your payment will be sent using one of our many payment processors. We have a low minimum payout of $5 and you can request payout once every 7 - 30 days.

We pay our Members using Perfect Money, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and Bitcoin.

I want to exchange ads with you shall i open a support ticket?

No please dont open a ticket for this reason, we do not actively accept exchanges but if you have traffic to send you can send it to your PTP link then use the earnings to purchase ad space, this in effect is an exchange.

Do you accept traffic from all sites?

We accept all traffic from all websites excluding websites with the following features:

Rotators,  PTP Websites,  AutoSurf TE's,  Hidden Iframes,  VPN Servers,  Bot/Spiders,  Alexa Toolbar

We also have a list of websites that are blocked from sending traffic because they fall into this category. This can be found in the PTP section once logged in.

How much do you pay for my traffic?

We pay for every single visit for an unlimited amount of times* We pay the same regardless of visit length (min 5 seconds to count) and we do not have country tiers. We pay according to server visits from each I.P. Here is how we pay you:

Visit #1 = $0.000250

Visit #2 = $0.000125

Visit #3 = $0.000060

Visit #4 = $0.000030

Visit #5 = $0.000010

All other visits after the 5th Visit are paid at $0.000010 up to an unlimited amount of times*

*Subject to our fair use policy

Im sending traffic but not earning.. Why?

Please check your PTP logs in your account, you will see every visit that has gone through your account and what the visit is worth. You can also check the PTP statistics page to see what percentage of hits are 1st visit, 2nd visit etc or denied. If you find too many denied try advertising on a different website. Usually PTC sites or earning sites that have gone scam are the best, use your un-withdrawable cash to buy traffic to your ptp link and earn that way!

If you need more help feel free to visit our forum for users just like you who have posted questions and received answers.

How many visits will i get per link?

This is a difficult question, we do not guaratee a certain amount of visits to your link it depends on the traffic sent that day and the amount of advertisers. You can check the advertising page to see how many visits our ads currently are getting and how many ads are active (our stats reset at 00:00 GMT)

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