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Cash n Hitz has launched!
Published on 17-05-2018

Welcome to Cash n Hitz!

After months and months of work we are ready to launch this brand new Paid to Promote website. Unlike our OTher website Adzbux that looks for different traffic from useful sources this website is focused on PTC websites, Manual Traffic Exchanges, Offerwalls and good old fashoined banner clickthrough's to give our new breed of advertisers Guaranteed Referrals, not just pushing them up Google Rankings..

We pay regardless of country, but must be a real human clicking from a real link on another real website. We pay dependant on site wide visits. So for the first visit we pay $0.00025, 2nd visit we pay $0.00012, 3rd - $0.00006, 4th $0.00003 for the 5th and every other visit after that we pay $0.00001 an unlimited* amount of times!

This means one visitor is worth $0.52 for just 10 visits.. Not bad for a website owner or advertiser, it seems you will earn no matter what, well not really. Here are some things that will class your visit as invalid: Sending visits from a non determinable source, i.e you say its from but on theres no ad. it will be removed, blocked sources - we block bad quality sources including rotators and auto surf exchanges..

On the plus side you get 10% of your referrals earnings AND 10% of their Purchases.. So, by promoting your PTP link you promote your referral link! Passive income for the life of your referral!


Please read the forum and have a look around. open a ticket or post on the forums if you have a question. (Please read the forum and FAQ before sending a ticket)


Lee & Kev

- Admins

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